Cross-Docking: Nobody Does it Better

Cross-Docking: Nobody Does it Better

When it comes to cross-docking – especially in retail and apparel – we understand you’re looking for a proven way to ensure your products reach the shelves in time for the next sale or holiday. We prove, every day, that our ability to run an efficient cross-dock is an important part of that process.

Another key is applying the right supplier consolidation strategies, which can reduce the number of carriers at your store. This can also reduce distribution center and transportation costs. Our training and years of experience have ensured we understand best practices regarding freight optimization, enabling us to get the most out of each outbound shipment. We will also work with your suppliers to show them how to best pack the trucks for delivery to the cross-dock, saving labor costs during the consolidation and sorting process.

Whether you need cross-docking or other transportation and delivery services, the people at Delivery Solutions of America will work hard to drive your business success. Every day, we move more than 300,000 packages throughout the country with a 98.7% on-time performance record. With more than 1,500 drivers, we serve more than 53 markets (a number that’s constantly increasing). Make us your partner, and we’ll work hard to deliver success.

Expect value, exemplary customer service and precision delivery, including same day. You get all that and more because we’re the rapidly growing leader in time-critical, last-mile logistics – and because we do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed. Need fast ground shipping? Not a problem. Try us for fleet outsourcing, full services for 3PLs, same day, next day, on-demand, expedited shipping, scheduled delivery, warehousing and fulfillment and more. Whatever your requirements and needs, we work hard to deliver success.

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Our wide range of same day delivery services can accommodate any parcel or pallet size and any distance, and these services are backed by our extensive resources and a dedicated team of logistics professionals. So when time is critical, don’t wait on traditional delivery services. Read More