Full Truckload: Efficiency and Service

Full Truckload: Efficiency and Service

For full truckload shipping throughout the United States, your best choice is Delivery Solutions of America. We’re the delivery and fleet outsourcing company that can drive your business results – the one that knows how to handle every aspect of full truckload services. From planning to delivery and every detail in between, we’ll coordinate your truckload shipment needs every mile of the way. All of these shipping services require the right training and experience, and we’ve got plenty of both – along with “can do” customer service that impresses our customers. With a large network of authorized carriers and a dedicated team, you’ll come to understand that when working with Delivery Solutions of America, peace of mind is only one of the many benefits.

Remember, with Delivery Solutions of America you get an experienced partner that understands how to quickly secure capacity in markets that can be difficult to predict. We can and will find a truck for you and we will treat your full truckload as precious cargo. You have a lot at stake, so your best choice is to work with the best in the business – Delivery Solutions of America. We focus on volume to keep pricing affordable, and that value is complimented by world-class service.

As you know, the industry is changing every day. It’s not easy to keep pace, and your organization shouldn’t have to.

Every day, we move more than 300,000 packages throughout the country with a 98.7% on-time performance record. With more than 1,500 drivers, we serve more than 53 markets (a number that’s constantly increasing). Try us as your strategic partner in full truckload shipping and more. We’ll drive your business success.

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We provide dedicated business solutions to deliver all your packages or freight so you can focus more on your business. Call one of our expert team members today and let us know how we can help drive your business to where you need it and when you need it. Read More

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Leveraging 30 plus years in the transportation and shipping industry our founders built a company that focuses on the complex shipping needs of each one of our customers. From pharmaceutical to medical to freight forwarding, Delivery Solutions of America has the expertise to handle freight no matter how big or small. Read More

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Our wide range of same day delivery services can accommodate any parcel or pallet size and any distance, and these services are backed by our extensive resources and a dedicated team of logistics professionals. So when time is critical, don’t wait on traditional delivery services. Read More