On-Demand Delivery: You’re in Charge

On-Demand Delivery: You’re in Charge

Whatever your company’s size or needs, we have an on-demand solution that will work to drive your business forward. Choose from within or between cities or state-to-state, just let us know. We understand time-specific on-demand requires special expertise and the right equipment, and we’re ready to get your material where it needs to go when it needs to get there – reliably and safely – including weekends and holidays. With decades of experience in the shipping and freight business, we have long understood that some shipments or freight require the highest degree of handling and speed. This led us to develop special expertise to handle shipments that fall under these emergency conditions. We can also provide a time-specific delivery – within an hour of the scheduled delivery time if that’s what you need, because our expedited on-demand logistics experts are ready to provide customized solutions for your emergency shipments.

Please keep in mind that our on-demand services include a single call for quotes, complete logistics coordination, the exemplary customer service for which we’re known, and delivery within an hour of the deadline. There’s a good reason we’re a rapidly growing leader in time-critical, last-mile logistics: We do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed.

Every day, we move more than 300,000 packages throughout the country with a 98.7% on-time performance record. With more than 1,500 drivers, we serve more than 53 markets (a number that’s growing). Make us your partner, and we’ll work hard to deliver success.

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We provide dedicated business solutions to deliver all your packages or freight so you can focus more on your business. Call one of our expert team members today and let us know how we can help drive your business to where you need it and when you need it. Read More

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Leveraging 30 plus years in the transportation and shipping industry our founders built a company that focuses on the complex shipping needs of each one of our customers. From pharmaceutical to medical to freight forwarding, Delivery Solutions of America has the expertise to handle freight no matter how big or small. Read More

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Our wide range of same day delivery services can accommodate any parcel or pallet size and any distance, and these services are backed by our extensive resources and a dedicated team of logistics professionals. So when time is critical, don’t wait on traditional delivery services. Read More